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Petition from a Resident of the United Kingdom To the House of Commons

The petition of Eileen Chubb, Bupa 7 whistle-blower, founder and National Director of the Charity Compassion in Care and Co-founder of the Whistler. On the issue of whistle-blowing protection,

Declares that,
As one of the Bupa 7 whistle-blowers, which was the first ever case to use and be failed by the Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA). The fundamental failings of this law were clearly apparent from the Bupa 7 case and those failings were brought to the attention of this House at the time, firstly via a number of petitions highlighting this, dated,

July 2004

July 2005

November 2013

Further declares that her concerns were brought to the attention of every MP and member of the House of Lords at the time. Followed by detailed evidence and numerous correspondences with
The Prime Minister
The.Department for Trade and Industry, subsequently, BEIS
The Department for Constitutional Affairs, subsequently theJustice Department
The Health Department

Further that as a consequence of being failed as a whistle-blower I went on to campaign for the protection of vulnerable people whose lives and safety depend on whistle-blowers speaking out and I founded the charity Compassion

in Care for health and social care whistle-blowers, and co-founded The Whistler, and through these to date I have supported more than 8000
whistle-blowers, 70% from healthcare and 30% from other sectors including
Law enforcement Probation and Prisons Retail
Education and many other sectors.
Edna’s Law would protect all whistle-blowers from all sectors equally.

Further to this, we also have supported over 6000 families who have lost or had a loved one abused in a care setting, as a result of whistle-blowers being ignored or staff being too afraid to speak out.

I have gathered evidence and published special reports highlighting these issues. My comprehensive evidence, special reports and research can be found on our web-site https://www.compassionincare.com

Our work highlights cause and effect but also crucially the remedy needed to put a stop to this vicious circle.

Further that all our work is well evidenced and a small sample includes the following reports on our website,
Tales of the Un-inspected reports There Is No ME In Whistle-blower Breaking the Silence part 1 Breaking the Silence part 2 Breaking The Silence part 3 Reality (CCTV) Check
Should We Abolish Accountability? Public (Interest) Enemy Number 1 CQC An Ongoing Concern
Relative Retribution CQC A Likely Story
Safeguarding Shambles Parts 1, 2, 3 This is just a small sample of our work.

Further that Edna’s Law is the only remedy that would effectively protect whistle-blowers. My report, “There Is No ME In Whistle­blower – the case for Edna’s Law” can also be found on our website.

Further that Edna’s Law includes a ground-breaking definition of the public interest element essential in whistle-blowing. Unlike PIDA, Edna’s Law would protect good employers by ensuring only genuine whistle-blowers are protected. Edna’s Law would not include bounty hunting as whistle-blowing.

Further that our position on bounties has always been clear, full information on this is highlighted in the video, “Whistle-blowers v Bounty Hunters” which can be viewed on our website.

Further that I declare that for 18 years I have pleaded with successive Governments for a full and credible inquiry. We have seen scandal after scandal take place knowing that all that suffering could have been avoided. We have seen wrong prevail, self-interest prevail over the public interest and the rules of justice and law treated with contempt.

Further that our concerns be noted that the Parliamentary system is being used via the means of a recently formed APPG on whistle-blowing, by a US pro-bounty, anti­whistle-blower law firm, who are attempting to influence UK law via the back door for their own monetary gain by funding pro bounty Whistleblowers UK to be the secretariat.

Further that as a whistle-blower the greatest thing taken from me is the trust that I lived in a fair and just country, maybe I was foolish to believe in such a thing in the first place.

Further that I read the Robert Francis Inquiry knowing it was a complete waste of time and money and still lives are being lost and will continue to be lost, by such whistle-blowing schemes, yet no lessons are ever learnt.

Further that I also continue to research and intend to publish in early in 2019 the evidence I have gathered from US whistle-blowers failed by “The Office of the Whistle-blower” system, where genuine whistle-blowers are failed every day and only bounty hunters are rewarded, a system which should never be adopted here.

Further that I read the debates on NHS whistle-blowing in 2018 with great sadness, that after so much injustice, pain and indifference we are now inflicted with an APPG on whistle-blowing that has a secretariat provided by Whistleblowers UK (WBUK), which is a pro bounty hunting organisation, which has never produced a single piece of work other than sponsorship of a cocktail party and attempting to obtain legal fees, of which a judge questioned the legality. Their invoice was then withdrawn:

The APPG is co-chaired by Stephen Keir MP, whom Dr Philippa Whitford referred to as being pro bounty hunting during the debates on this issue in Parliament and Westminster Hall.

Further that I declare this APPG to be an insult to every whistle-blower failed by PIDA, to be compounding the harm and grief to the families who have lost loved ones because whistle-blowers were ignored, and it can only result in more abuse and loss of life.

The petitioner therefore requests that the House of Commons urges the Government to:

Ensure all those whistle-blowers failed by PIDA either by judgement or inaccessibility receive an apology from Parliament but most importantly redress and accountability for the injustice they have suffered, in the form of a public inquiry with an acceptable judge and the safeguard of a jury.

Further that, whistle-blowers and all those whose lives depend on whistle­ blowers should receive the justice so long denied.
That the foreseeable failures of PIDA as highlighted by the BUPA 7 case are formally acknowledged as such by Government.

Ensure that Edna’s Law is implemented in full to protect future whistle­ blowers;
as proposed in the document “There Is No Me In Whistle-blower“©

Further, ensure that the APPG on whistle-blowing be dissolved and that an official inquiry is begun into how APPGs operate, how they can be funded by lobbyists masquerading as secretariats in order to push their own agendas, and how such a situation can be allowed to influence law and policy.

Further that the findings be noted and acted on especially when such financially motivated influence on law and policy will cost so many future lives, because then the final line has indeed been crossed.

I respectfully ask Parliament if they are willing to look the other way whilst under their roof such anti-democratic and anti-public interest elements prevail.

And the petitioner remains etc.