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Our response to more CQC lies

Our Response to more CQC Lies.

As a result of a Subject Access Request to the CQC we discover more lies.
The following Internal Email is between the CQC press office and Andria Sutcliffe, A copy of the email can be found on page 3.
My Response to the allegation that I have not informed CQC of concerns about care homes,
It is always useful to know what lies are being told as you can then defend yourself with hard evidence. Firstly I have copies of all correspondence between myself and CQC which will be published, this proves that CQC acknowledged receipt of my concerns and went on to take no action what so ever. I have comprehensive evidence gathered over years.
On discovering that CQC were not acting on my concerns I was allocated a named person at CQC who was to contact me regularly about the homes I was publishing, they contacted me once and shortly after this, the email address was discontinued.
The CQC state that they tried to contact me a number of times without success.
I have had the following contact with the regulator ,
I met David Behan when he was in charge of CSCI as part of a BBC 2 programme “Power to the people” when one of our trustees, Gillian Ward went into a care home undercover. David Behan refused to be interviewed by me. I have subsequent correspondence with Mr Behan showing how hard I had to fight to get this dreadful care home closed.
I was also on an ITV this morning programme where I had helped to film undercover footage in a care home which I had previously raised concerns about to Mr Behan in writing. Mr Behan did not speak to me and refused to be interviewed with me present.
I have had two meetings with Dame Jo Williams at which I asked why they were using Des Kelly as an advisor given the evidence against him and this evidence was provided. No further meetings took place as I had no intention of endorsing their proposed” Quality Assurance” approach to inspections as it amounted to asking the provider to inspect themselves.
I was offered a meeting with Andrea Sutcliffe which I refused as it is quite clear that what CQC want to do is not act on my concerns but to contain me.
Since this time all contacts from Whistle-blowers and relatives are logged with the information and documentation that proves the concerns have already been given to CQC, people contact us precisely because CQC have already failed to act.
The CQCs attitude to me is quite clear from the words of Andrea Sutcliffe in a previously published Email, referring to me “She has the unerring ability to spot these issues”
This is about people’s lives but all the CQC can perceive is a threat to their self-serving organisation.
This charity has scant resources, no administration, No P.As, press office, Legal office, or the vast resources and manpower of the CQC, is it therefore unreasonable to expect the CQC to also have “The unerring ability to spot these issues”?
I would end by giving the last words to a whistle-blower from the Old Deanery, which featured in the Panorama that sparked this email.
Unbeknown to Andrea Sutcliffe the Whistle-blower Karis Le-Winton accompanied me when I attended a Brighton conference, on hearing from Ms Sutcliffe who was on the stage, that the whistle-blowers had allegedly not informed the CQC, Karis stood up and said “ I am one of those Whistle-blowers and I did inform you and you are a liar to say otherwise”

Eileen Chubb ©July 2017 See the full report and emails here