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Our Evidence To The Law Commission

17th March 2016

The Law Commission

Misconduct in Public Office Consultation

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Misconduct in Public Office Consultation

We submit the following evidence in relation to the law on Misconduct in Public Office which we believe needs to be amended to address the following shortfalls.

1. Breaking The Silence Part 1


which demonstrates the need to include private companies who conduct publicly funded

activities ie care homes providing local authority funded care, and therefore they are acting

in place of the State.

2. Breaking The Silence Part 2

https://compassionincare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/W-B2.pdf and

Beyond The Façade Section 2


which demonstrate the lack of accountability of the legal profession such as judges, Queen’s Counsel and employment tribunals.

3. CQC An On-going Concern


Tales Of The Un-inspected


which contains 129 reports demonstrating the Care Quality Commission failures.

All the above demonstrate clear cases of wilful breaches of duty sufficient to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust, and this misconduct, including deliberate concealment of essential information, has harmed the public interest, therefore we argue that this constitutes clear misconduct in public office. The misconduct has been documented in Private Eye as far back as 2010 and has been raised in Parliament by Mr John McDonnell. No-one has been held to account despite years of the CQC misleading the public.

All the misconduct described in the above documents meets the criteria for the “seriousness test” described in Summary of Issues Paper 1 1.41 and 1.42 because the consequences of the wilful misconduct have resulted in the avoidable suffering and death of people in care homes.

You have my consent to share this information in order to address the issues we are raising.

We look forward to being fully involved in the consultation to address all issues such as these which have resulted in the public being failed, misled and denied access to justice.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours faithfully

Eileen Chubb

Director of Compassion In Care www.compassionincare.com

Co-Founder of The Whistler www.thewhistler.org