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Open Letter to Whistle-blowing Guardian

To The Whistle-blowing Guardian.

Open Letter to Dr Henrietta Hughes.
From Eileen Chubb

Dear Dr Hughes,
Yesterdays newspapers ran several stories on your first public statement as the new National Whistle-blowing Guardian. Your comments are so far removed from the issue of Whistle-blowing that even some of the media ran the angle yesterday that it was about staff being grumpy, so it is small wonder some of the public have not realised your statement related to Whistle-blowing at all.

As you are of the opinion that if everyone smiles and behaves nicely in the workplace then Whistle-blowers will be protected if they speak out. I challenge you to name a single case where smiling and being nice has made a difference to either the whistle-blower or to those suffering the consequences of the wrongdoing, abuse or negligence reported. The most important Whistle-blowing is the most inconvenient.
Are you suggesting that a nurse could report a consultants incompetence with a smile and the consultant will smile back so all will be well?

My evidence upholds the fact that the only people who are smiling are the wrongdoers and those unscrupulous management that fail to act on concerns.
I have always known that the Robert Francis inquiry and his subsequent recommendations were a sorry excuse for action and therefore I had no expectation of the Whistle-blowing Guardian charade but even I am shocked that anyone could consider the idea that smiles and positivity can overcome the harsh reality faced by Whistle-blowers.

I speak to Whistle-blowers everyday, the evidence gathered in our reports, Breaking The Silence, demonstrates the brutal reality endured by whistle-blowers. We have always been clear that nothing can change without a full inquiry ( with a jury) into all PIDA cases resulting in those who have harmed Whistle-blowers being held to account and then replace PIDA with Edna s Law.
The toxic workplace is the result of allowing those who have harmed whistle-blowers to thrive and harm future Whistle-blowers.

Every Whistle-blowing case we deal with highlights the same pattern of failures that were evident in the first whistle-blowing case to use PIDA. I know only too well what happens to those who report abuse and even when there is copious independent evidence that proves you are telling the truth it is not enough. I have been publicly called a liar for 16 years by my former employer in the face of insurmountable evidence that we were telling the truth. This is the extent of the hostility, smearing and denial faced by Whistle-blowers.

Being a Whistle-blower is a life sentence because the harm lasts a lifetime. I know that despite everything I did it was not enough to stop other vulnerable people being abused.

Your comments are an insult to all Whistle-blowers from all sectors. The views you have expressed are either the result of a deliberate intention to insult or sheer stupidity borne out of ignorance.
Finally in response to your comments “ do something about it” We are, we are fighting all the past injustice to Whistle-blowers and those they sought to protect as well as fighting for future Whistle-blowers to be legally protected by Edna’s Law.
It seems that I will have to add to the list abolish the National Guardian as I could suffer the waste of taxpayers money but not the harm to Whistle-blowers.
Smile! Whistle-blowers need Nemesis Not Walt Disney.

Eileen Chubb
Compassion In Care
The Whistler
BUPA 7 Whistle-Blower