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Laundering Conflict of Interest Cash

Wednesday 25th January 2023 To Chris Bryant MP Standards Committee Members

Dear Mr Bryant and Committee Members,

We write to you again regarding our extensive concerns about the APPG on Whistleblowing. This APPG was initially funded by Constantine Cannon, the pro bounty US law firm, whose objectives and agenda are well documented. There was rightly much criticism of this funding.

The APPG is now funded by its secretariat WBUK, who we know is funded by Constantine Cannon among other dubious funding sources, all with an interest in exploiting whistleblowers for profit.

This is effectively laundering conflict of interest money with the intent to mislead.

Look at the WBUK company house records, which consist of filleted accounts, which whilst legal and acceptable for any ordinary company not involved in covert lobbying, are completely unacceptable for a company acting as a secretariat to an APPG in these circumstances.

The law this APPG are pushing, The Office for the Whistleblower, just happens to be a law all these funders will profit handsomely from.

You may think we are making too much fuss about this but, running a national helpline for two decades and hourly hearing story’s of human suffering and abuse, we have less tolerance than most of a political system that allows covert money from vested interests to dictate law and policy.

We are also genuine whistleblowers ourselves and have seen first hand the pain in the eyes of abuse victims whose screams are not so easily forgotten. These are the consequences of a law that not only fails to protect whistleblowers, but a law that was influenced by the cash of those who profit from exploiting whistleblowers.

As with whistleblowing, this charity has been maliciously targeted by WBUK with the sole intent of silencing our valid evidenced concern. Is this what our political system has been reduced to?

Our work is well evidenced and just one example is our fifth report, the only UK data on homophobic abuse in care settings,

This is just one of hundreds of reports on issues affecting older people and whistleblowers we have published, yet WBUK continue to make complexly malicious allegations to silence all valid criticism and undermine this charity, because our work is a direct threat to their funders agenda.

We have one question for your committee, is all the rhetoric about standards in public life just lip service? because now is your chance to prove otherwise.

This will seem an outrageous concert to parliament, but when something that is blatantly wrong is pointed out, instead of ignoring it, excusing, or trying to bury it, what about acting on it and ensuring there is full accountability for wrongdoing?

We wont apologise for being direct about these issues, there are too many lives at stake.

We look forward to your formal response