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Latest letter To Andrea Sutcliffe CQC

13th September 2017

To Andrea Sutcliffe
Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care
Care Quality Commission

Dear Ms Sutcliffe,
In response to your letter of September 13th 2017,
Firstly I point out again that you already have all the information on the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted you with their concerns and whose names you passed to their employers and suggest you check your own records as this would provide you with the information you need.

I have made it quite clear that I will not give any information that will expose the identity of a whistle-blower, I have asked what specific information you want, you have declined to respond to this question which leaves me to conclude that you are unable to specify what information may or may not place a whistle-blowers identity at risk, which is exactly why this situation occurred in the first place.

Yours Sincerely

Eileen Chubb
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