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Jeremy Hunt Continues To Fail Whistle-blowers

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…” You state that “The Government is committed to ensuring that Whistle-blowers are supported and protected” I would pass that message to the 47 Whistle-blowers who contacted CQC with concerns and had their names given by CQC to their employers, only it would be adding insult to injury.

As a whistle-blower myself I was fortunate in having a very different regulator who investigated the abuse and supported the 7 whistle-blowers through the trauma that followed and I am always grateful for that because I know the battle that has to be fought to get abuse stopped even when you have a competent and ethical regulator. The CQC are complicit in covering up abuse, betraying whistle-blowers and their only area of competence is in protecting themselves.

I refer you back to the evidence and questions submitted and I expect those questions to be responded to. I have waited six months for a response and the clock is still ticking.

I remind you that I am aware of your stance thus far, which has been to seek reassurances from the CQC which is akin to seeking reassurance’s from the captain of the Titanic about the number of lifeboats.”…….