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Its not my Department!

Yesterday we recieved a letter from the Justice Committee who have refered our evidence on Whistle-blowing and abuse to the BIS Department and the Health Department.

Alas since campaigning on these issues we have to date been referred to the following Departments at the last count,

The Department for Constitutional Affairs 30 times.

The justice Department 6 times.

The Department of Health 47 times.

The DTI which is now the BIS Department 21 times

The BIS Department 6 Times.

The Home office 3 times.

Meanwhile countless vulnerable people continue to suffer and die whilst we wait for someone to act.

The problem seems to be that The Department of Health has responsibility for abuse in care homes and The BIS Department has responsibility for whistle-blowing law and  the home office has responsibility for crime. no one has connected The Whistle-blower with crime or abuse and neglect in care homes. 

Whilst no one will take responsibility the next  Winterbourne view/Old Dea