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International Edna’s Day

Tomorrow August 5th 2021 we launch #InternationalEdnasDay This is the first event of its kind, remembering all those who died or were harmed because a whistleblower was ignored or staff too afraid to speak out. Edna was a victim in the Isard Hs abuse case ( BUPA 7 Whistleblowers) Edna had no family and whilst she was one of many abused, she was completely voiceless and her life dependent on whistleblowers being heard. #EdnasLaw is dedicated to her.

Tomorrow we remember all those who have been abused in care homes, hospitals and Homecare. We remember all the victims failed by the law because whistleblowers were failed and we remember all those who loved them and their suffering and grief.

Those who have died or suffered serious injuries in,

The Construction Industry, Transport, manufacturing. all the children abused in care homes and by the Catholic Church and other abusers. The victims of all avoidable disasters. miscarriages of justice, abuse of power and subsequent cover-ups.

We ask you to tweet your photos and bear witness for your lost loved ones, or just tweet news stories that have touched you, all of us whether we personally have lost someone or just because we care about an injustice we have read about, please tweet tomorrow using the hashtag, #InternationalEdnasDay