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HC1 and Bupa

The HC1 acquisition of a number of BUPA care homes will make HC1 the largest Care Home chain. We seem to be the only ones who remember the Southern Cross care home scandal, that could be because we had gone into over 60 Southern Cross homes undercover and witnessed first hand the horrific conditions endured by vulnerable people, staffing levels that made giving even basic care impossible. Our Tales of the Un-inspected on these homes make grim reading.. When Southern Cross had stripped all assets and made enough profits and fled before the company finally went bust.
Government said it would never happen again.We raised this recently in correspondence to Jeremy Hunt.

Southern Cross was said to be “Too big to Fail” however in our experience it was also TOO big to tackle over abysmal neglect and horrendous suffering with home after home rated good and excellent by the CQC exposed as nothing of the sort.

We will be watching HC1 very closely.

Eileen Chubb