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Edna’s Law

Edna had no family to speak for her, when she was abused in a care home she was totally reliant on someone speaking out to protect her. Seven Whistle-blowers did speak out and were forced out of their jobs for doing so. The regulator fully upheld the abuse alligations but the company continually denied there was anything wrong.Those responsible for the abuse were protected and promoted. Four years later information was made public that showed vulnerable people had continued to sufferer. Edna’s law would ensure this never happens again.


Currently we have a situation where policies and proceedures are relied on to protect whistle-blowers, however it is only case law that will change culture and that is not happening. Most Whistle-blowers can not overcome the obstacles to take a case to court, not only are they without a job and unable to access legal representation, they are expected to find the deposit to lodge a case. The few cases that make it to court have most certainly sent out the wrong message.

Most Whistle-blowers are not sacked they are forced to leave because of the insufferable treatment they are subjected to. At this point trust is gone and the message and the messenger can no longer be seperated.

PIDA. Assumes the wrongdoing will be acted on.

Edna’s law. Would make it a criminal offence not to act on the genuine concerns of a W/B

PIDA. Relies on policies and Proceedures.

Edna’s law. Would be a deterrent because of strong case law precedents.

PIDA. Treats harrassment as an employment issue.

Edna’s law. The Whistle-blower would be a protected witness.

PIDA. Compensates for loss of employment.

Edna’s law. Compensates for loss of trust and loss of employment.

PIDA. Hopes policies will stop W/B harrassment.

Edna,s law. Would make it a criminal offence to harm a genuine W/B.

PIDA. The wrongdoing is secret.

Edna,s law. The wrong-doing is public and is acted on.

PIDA. Expects the W/B to take a case to court.

Edna’s law. The state would prosecute and uphold the public interest.

PIDA. Bad companies are unaccountable.

Edna’s law. Bad companies are held to account which results in culture change.

PIDA. Ignores the victims of silence.

Edna’s law. Puts the victims of silence first and protects the protectors.