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Does Jeremy Hunt Condone or Condemn this?

22nd February 2018

To Under Secretary of State Care and Mental Health
Jackie Doyle-Price MP.

You’re Ref PO-1099064

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,
Further to my numerous letters since March 2017 highlighting serious concerns regarding the misconduct of CQC, I am still awaiting a response.

This delay is completely unacceptable given both the seriousness of the concerns and the fact that I have provided supporting evidence that includes internal emails between CQC board members and Department of Health officials.

To date not only has the serious misconduct of individuals at the CQC been allowed to continue unchecked, but your Department has rewarded the individuals involved with honours.

I expect a full response to all the concerns I have raised which should include why your Department has been so reluctant to deal with the abusive and dishonest practices we have brought to your attention.

Yours Sincerely

Eileen Chubb
Cc Shadow Secretary of State