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Death by Government Failures

An Open Letter from Compassion In Care.








Since the Bupa 7 Whistle-blowing case in 2000, we have continually highlighted the failures of (PIDA) Public Interest Disclosure Act with successive Governments, with hundreds of letters, three detailed petitions being read in Parliament and comprehensive evidence compiled and submitted to Downing Street, The Departments of Health, Business Innovation and Skills, Justice and every member of Parliament and The House of Lords.

We have highlighted the plight of thousands of vulnerable people who could have been protected had Whistle-blowers been listened to. This evidence can be found on the links below

The first PIDA case ( Bupa 7) made the following submission to the High Court,

The Applicants claim the protection of The Human Rights Act and furthermore the applicants claim the protection of all such rights in relation to those they sought to protect and we submit that we suffered a detriment as a direct result of no reasonable steps being taken by Bupa to protect those in their care, the right to life and the right not to be tortured by those to whom Bupa owed a duty of care. What should not be forgotten is what lies at the heart of this case, the applicants were denied fair and just working conditions because they made disclosures relating to the inhumane treatment of defenceless elderly people. If the verdict of the Ashford tribunal stands then so does the message it sends, Bupa are beyond the law and whistle-blowers who speak out against such wrong in this country are not safe. The evidence supports what has driven the applicants this far, what is right and true and any law that fails to uphold those principles is an unjust and flawed law”

However following the cover-up and lies of BUPA’s senior management and their support of the abusers, the abuse and neglect continued at Isard House and again was exposed, this time by Private Eye ( 31st August 2004) yet this was just the beginning of the fallout from the Bupa 7 case.

Breaking The Silence part 3. which highlights the horrific abuse and negligence in Bupa homes across the country was delivered to David Cameron at Downing St, and also sent to the Health and Business Ministers

Two weeks ago 69 year old Cedric Skyers suffered fatal burns all over his body after being left alone to have a cigarette in the garden of Bupa’s Manley Court Care Home. The year before care staff at the home told the CQC that Residents were at high risk of harm because of the staffing levels in the home. Indeed since 2009 similar concerns were repeatedly raised about this home but to no avail. See below link for our full report on Cedric Skyers death.

The CQC have also failed miserably for years to heed alarm bells and our evidence clearly supports this. How can the CQC be the Whistle-blower Guardian when they are totally incompetent? The Robert Francis inquiry is completely discredited also.

Des Kelly from the National Care Forum has played a key role in advising the CQC, indeed see the press release that announced their current “ Tough New Regime” This is the same Des Kelly who was the director of Bupa care homes and directly implicated in attempts to conceal the abuse. This fact is fully corroborated in written evidence from Bromley Social Services.

Lack of accountability results in abusers being protected whilst Whistle -blowers suffer a lifetime of detriment, but worst of all the vulnerable people who rely on someone to speak out suffer the most.

Whilst successive Governments have failed to act and support Edna s Law, countless children have been abused, construction workers and other whistle-blowers blacklisted, fraud and theft covered up, and vulnerable people have been left to suffer and die, the list is endless.

Cedric Skyers death is the latest, when a vulnerable man can burn alive in a care home after concerns of staff were ignored, will the Government tell me yet again that such suffering is acceptable?


Bupa Deaths

Whistle-blowers evidence

Whistle-blowers evidence


Cedric Skyers death

Ednas Law

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