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CQC Keeping MUM

Last week the CQC announced their new guidelines for inspecting care homes. We cannot believe that yet again Des Kelly has played a key role in producing these guidelines. I have always kept my case as a whistle-blower very seperate from the work of the charity. However there comes a time when I cannot ignore the fact that a man who placed a known abuser in care homes and covered up abuse is the CQCs choice of advisor especially when they are aware of these facts.

The book Beyond the Facade was published in 2008 and widely publicised including extracts read on BBC Radio 4s Today programme. Detailed evidence on Des Kelly features throughout this book. At no time has either Bupa or Des Kelly challenged the contents of this book because they are aware of the evidence that supports the facts.

Some of the key evidence can be found in Breaking the Silence 3 (  Pages 61 to 93. Page 111 ) Relates to the inquiry report upholding the abuse and the conduct of Des Kelly I would ask people to simply read the evidence.  

The CQC have chosen to stand with Des Kelly, I however stand with Edna and always will.

Eileen Chubb