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Concerns Raised About WBUK Solicitor

The attached lists our detailed concerns about the solicitor used by WBUK to threaten us, via a letter ( Which was addressed to me but never sent to me either by email or post) but which was sent to the publisher of my new book, There Is No ME In Whistleblower, My publisher forwarded a copy of this letter to me or I would never have known of its existance.I would like to thank Chipmunka Publishing for their support as another publisher may have taken these unwarrented threats at face value and withdrawn my book from sale, which I can only conclude was the intention of WBUK and Mr Coad.

We publish the attached list of concerns in the public interest and in order to ensure #whistleblowers are fully aware of the facts about WBUK and their lawyer as we have a duty of care to do so. We will also be forwarding this document to the FCA and the Department for BEIS as the issues are directly related to concerns we have previously raised.

Download Or View : SRA-complaint-re-Jonathan-Coad-Coad-Law-Ltd-19.03.20.pdf