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Care Homes Update

Our report “ CQC An On-going Concern” featured the home Huntercombe Hall on page 44 along with all the homes owned by Caring Homes Ltd, which have been re registered to the same company.

Huntercombe Hall has been in the news this week.


Regal Care homes which also featured on Pages 33 to 39 of our report “CQC An Ongoing Concern”
Latest checks on the 17 homes Re registered to the same company show,
5 Rated Good
9 Rated Requires Improvement
1 Rated Inadequate
2 Not inspected under new ratings

Avon Park
There are no new reports available for Avon Parks three homes, Hillcrest, Fountain Place and Alexander Heights, The most recent inspection reports available yesterday were dated December and June 2015. Given the Mail On Sunday story in May 2016, I would have expected new inspection reports to have been published by now. We made a recent request to the CQC for all the reports for these three homes for the period up to 2010 but only 5 reports were provided, 2 for Hillcrest and 3 for Alexander Heights, The past history for Fountain Place has been completely wiped from the CQC system. We were assured by the CQC in 2010 that the past histories of these homes would be publicly available as a result of our joint investigation with Private Eye Magazine and this information was available for a time but then completely disappeared.

See https://compassionincare.com/breakingthesilence/cqc-an-ongoing-concern/ Home Number One for the full history on these homes and full details of The Private Eye Issues that featured the stories.

Eileen Chubb