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BUPA Beacon Edge Care Home

We have been monitoring this home for 7 Years and it is one of the homes we featured in Breaking The Silence part 3
It is now in the news again for failing a CQC inspection and the CQC would have the public believe they have acted to protect people.

The Truth.
This home has been mired in abuse scandals and poor care, as far back as 2009 it was rated by the CQC as inadequate, Zero stars. Perversely the only period of time when the CQC rated the fully compliant coincided with the time period that dreadful abuse was taking place and which a year later hit the headlines. This abuse was only stopped because a whistle-blower saw the abuse immediately resigned and went to the police. The film footage later shown in court was so horrific people wept. None of this information is included in the CQC press release.

Eileen Chubb