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Book Review One,

Book Review By Christine England NHS and Social Care Whistle-blower

There is no, me, in Whistle-blower. By Eileen Chubb

“Stand by for howls of “it’s impossible!” from a lot of powerful people because this book challenges them all with a simple question about whether they uphold the Rule of Law (as defined by Lord Denning), and examines what “the public interest” really is.

A surprising choice of a little-known case illustrates the public interest and then the author explains how the courts and the media often incorrectly call someone a Whistle-blower. The cases cited will make you think twice about how to recognise a genuine whistle-blower and also you’ll wonder how the courts could have failed to uphold the Rule of Law for so many years.

Thirteen very practical and well thought-out Steps then explain exactly how Edna’s Law procedures will save lives, prevent harm and ensure accountability by common sense procedures and plain speaking – and with Gosport in mind, who wouldn’t want that?

If you thought you would know what to expect in a book about whistle-blowing, read this and prepare to be surprised.