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Book Review, Hidden Cameras by Joe Plomin

Eileen Chubb

CEO Compassion In Care



Everyday I am contacted by families who are concerned about the treatment of a relative in care and also by Whistle-blowers who report abuse to find the only action taken is against them. I am asked about using hidden cameras, how they work, how to use them, is it legal and if you need to have technical expertise.

This book answers all of these questions and more.

Joe Plomins skill and experience have resulted in a book that gives us all the skills we need to expose abuse, not only how to use hidden cameras but when and where. He also explains the options and how to use the video after filming.

I was impressed by the ethical argument for individual filming as opposed to open surveillance. I found the Account of Elizabeth Cochrane particularly powerful as it shows what can be achieved by one person taking a stand and bearing witness for those with no voice.

This is a book for anyone who cares, it empowers and inspires us to find a way through the wall of denial that all those who report abuse encounter.

As a whistle-blower I have witnessed first hand the limitless cruelty that can be inflicted on vulnerable people, if only I had the knowledge to use a camera at that time is my one regret. This book will make all the difference, its a game-changer.

Hidden Cameras By Joe Plomin Published by Jessica Kingsley ISBN 978-1-84905-643-4