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Blowing the whistle on CQC

See todays issue of Private Eye for more shocking details of the care home scam that has allowed the worst care homes to continue unchecked. When the CQC state a home is new and has not been inspected they do not mean “new” as the public understand the word. Our work has proven yet again that the CQC can not be trusted to provide accurate or indeed honest information to the public, yet we are supposed to trust them to be a Whistle-blower Guardian. It seems to me that the very concept of Whistle-blower Guardian is best summed up by appointing the CQC to the role. Our forthcoming work will expose how the vulnerable have suffered abuse and neglect because whistle-blowers were ignored by the CQC.

It is clear that the CQCs understanding of the word “Guardian” is on a par with their understaning of the word “New”