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Yesterday morning I spoke on BBC Radio Kent on the issue of CCTV, we have a very clear stance on this subject based on the evidence. I appeared with Jayne Connery who campaigns for CCTV. Whilst unaware of this at the time, Jayne Connery is sponsored by Philip Scott who runs Zest care homes as well as Care Protect CCTV. Philip Scott was the man in charge of Southern Cross and Priory care homes, many of which are featured in our care home reports, Tales of the Un-inspected as well as numerous Private Eye articles.

The international research on CCTV as a deterrent is clear. As someone who has witnessed abuse in its many forms including neglect I know that CCTV would not deter bad staff. The evidence validates my view. We have been verbally abused by Philip Scott in the past for holding our view. Ms Connery was very aggressive and angry that we refused to ignore the evidence but we can not do that.

CCTV seems like an easy answer but easy answers are rarely effective.
I have always been in favour of covert cameras and our policy on this is clear.

Yesterday evening at 6 pm BBC Radio Kent aired my prerecorded interview on abuse reports increasing. Our evidence clearly shows that it is not a question of more people reporting abuse but that over a considerable period of time different people are reporting the same abuse. For example we can get a report on care home from a relative concerned about specific issues which are reported to safeguarding and a few months later a member of staff will contact us about the same home and the same concerns. This can continue for years. What this shows us is that Safeguarding is a sub-standard and flawed process for dealing with abuse effectively, often resulting in a care home being asked to investigate themselves and finding themselves innocent of course.
My Interview was played to to a representative from Kent County Council twice as he said he did not not hear it first time, how apt when so much abuse is not heard the first time.
Eileen Chubb