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APPG on Whistle-blowing

We have fought for 20 years for an independent inquiry into the cases of whistle-blowers failed and harmed by the very law that was supposed to protect them. ( The Public Interest Disclosure Act) We continue to fight for this inquiry and also on the separate issue of Ednas Law, which warrants a separate inquiry. We are saddened that successive Governments have failed to act on these issues but what is of genuine concern is that an APPG on whistle-blowing could be set up and appoint as a secretariat, WBUK an organization that has always been in favor of the US bounty system, a system that reaps US lawyers and Non whistle-blowers big bucks, but only if the government like the information recieved.This system offers no protection to whistle-blowers reporting abuses other than fraud. 

As early as June 2013 WBUK told Private Eye 1342 that they “wanted to see the introduction of American style whistle-blowers ombudsman with specialist lawyers to help those making disclosures”

Have we not got enough useless ombudsman and regulators in the UK already? This question is aptly answered by the thousands who contact us about such regulators and that answer is clear. Tomorrow I will be attending Parliaments public accounts committee hearing regarding complaints about the Ombudsmans failures! Which clearly answers that question, thank you to PHSO the facts whose amazing work exposes the Ombudsman.

Please note that the evidence being put before this APPG is being collected by WBUK Georgina Halford Hall, not only is this evidence being collected by WBUK but is being interpreted by them prior to be being given to the APPG. Please see my video, Whistle-blowers v bounty hunters for details of my undercover call to the US law firm Constantine Cannon, who is represented by Mary Inman.  The same firm who are funding WBUK in their role as APPG secretariat. Parliament may think this is within the rules as long as its declared but what is not declared is the very nature of these organizations and their public interest adverse agendas, the only people to lose are the general public and whistle-blowers and when the next Gosport and Midstaffs is exposed look no further then this APPG when questions are asked about the lack of whistle-blower protection .

We intend to ask Constantine Cannon, who have offices in both the US and UK to provide the numbers of cases they have taken on behalf of whistle-blowers reporting abuses other than fraud because I can not find any.  The system WBUK are pushing for would make such “specialist Lawyers” very rich whilst genuine whistle-blowers continue to to face injustice, hardship and those whose lives depend on whistle-blowers continue to suffer and die.

Eileen Chubb Copyright Jan 2018