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Action on Elder Abuse Campaign

Due to the the recent Daily Mail story below I feel we have to respond to these issues,

The Action on Elder Abuse Campaign is fatally flawed for a number of reasons,
1. Mandatory reporting, our position on this is clear. The mistreatment Whistle-blowers endure and the total lack of effective legal protection when considered makes the concept of mandatory reporting another form of injustice, it amounts to asking a person, which way do you choose to be punished? because you will be damned either way. Also it is extremely naive to believe reporting abuse means stopping abuse.
Action on Elder abuse have played a key part in advocating “Safeguarding” however our evidence shows that Safeguarding is no more than a charade and I could cite hundreds of examples, today’s Times article sums up the reality we see every day,

2. Unfortunately Action on Elder Abuse have received funding from the care industry and from some particularly dubious care industry sources, which maybe why they are so reluctant to tackle the root cause of abuse which is silence. Ednas Law does tackle the root cause and would include tough prison sentences but most importantly it would ensure these crimes were reported and acted on in the first place.

I am currently working on the next special report which covers the fine detail of Ednas Law. Which will be a law that tackles every Dubious employer in every sector and as the ONLY charity working in this area that has never and will never take either Government or care industry funding we are able to serve the public interest at ALL times.

Eileen Chubb