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A Whistle blowers Evidence

I have been asked to publish this witness statement, this evidence shows the personal cost of whistleblowing on mental health and the long term harm when trust is lost. So many good staff are leaving the care system, This Whistleblower has been broken by the struggle to stop vulnerable people being abused, this is the reality on the front line. When dangerous power abusers are flagged up at best they recieve ” Retraining” You can not train such abusers. The whistleblower risks all to speak out and nothing is done to stop the abuse.

 I fear that if things continue as they are there will no good care staff left to blow the whistle. The abuse and suffering of the most vulnerable will one day be your or your loved ones fate. Only Ednas Law will protect whistleblowers and only Ednas Law will protect you, the public. This is why Ednas Law is supported by so many.

Download Or View : WB-Statement-for-website.pdf