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900 Care Staff Quitting Each Day?

I was alerted to this story early today, The story originated from the BBC who reported that 900 care staff were leaving the care sector each day according to organisations representing the care industry. The angle of the story implying that the care industry is in meltdown and needs more and more money.
I immediately wondered how these figures compared with other sectors and half an hour research provided the answer, The increasing numbers of people quitting theirs jobs is a trend across all sectors. For example the Hotel Sector has record numbers of staff quitting but not a single headline has been attached to this data to imply the hotel industry is in meltdown.
We are well aware of the whistle-blowers forced out of their jobs in the care Sector for caring enough to speak up about poor care.
We are well aware of those people whose loved ones have suffered appalling abuse and neglect in care homes over the last 17 Years, including many homes where healthy profits and appalling care went hand in hand.
When the government promise the care industry increasing amounts of public money with no guarantee of good care, we should remember this public money is being poured into private company’s and we need to look at their profits.
I always look at the whole picture and not the spin.

Eileen Chubb
Copyright 11th April 2017