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CQC, Action On Concerns

CQC, Action On Concerns

As a result of CQC asking the public to tell them about their concerns we did the following Freedom of Information request

“Please provide the following information regarding all care homes for elderly people. For the past 12 months, The numbers of concerns reported to CQC. The number of responsive inspections carried out. The number of Care homes whose rating was downgraded as a result of those inspections”

Today we received the response,

For the period 1st October 2021 to 1st October 2022

Concerns received 16,661

Responsive Inspections Conducted 1,809

Number of care homes downgraded as a result 463

We will be following up further on this issue. In our forthcoming special report on regulators and other authorities. The above numbers validate the the concerns of our helpline callers, whose evidence is that very little if any action is taken when concerns are reported.