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Update on our work

We have been extremely busy in recent months and this is our first opportunity to report on our latest work. In September channel four news did an in depth special…

Petition To Parliament

Read our petition to parliament and our evidence challenging both the proposed Office for the Whistleblower, the agenda of those behind it and the BEIS whistleblowing review

Stripped of all Pride Part Two

Our Latest Helpline Report as featured on last nights Channel 4 News Evidence from Whistleblowers on LGBTQ abuse in care homes. read the full report below.

The Helpline That Never Was

The first linked-in profile page of Georgina Halford Hall of WBUK talked about one of her roles as “overseeing their busy helplines supporting whistleblowers” only there were no helplines and…

No OWB, our letter to The Prime Minister

Read our letter to the Prime Minister raising serious evidenced concerns about both the proposed Office For The Whistleblower and the conduct of those responsible for it.

The Richard Turner Award

Who Was Richard Turner Part One? Richard Turner worked for the regulator of care homes and investigated the Isard House abuse case. He is the only UK regulator to have…