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Tue 07/06/2022 - Email, Cash for Influence: To Parliamentary Commissioner
Tue 31/05/2022 - Another Hidden Consequence Of Covid, Sexual Assaults In Care
Tue 24/05/2022 - Response To Standards Committee APPG Report
Wed 04/05/2022 - Open letter to Treasury and BEIS re Whistleblowing Scandal
Tue 03/05/2022 - Response to the Whistleblowing Bill
Wed 27/04/2022 - The Consequences, To Hoc Standards

Our letter to the house of Commons Standards Committee

 To House of Commons, Standards Committee

              From Eileen Chubb Compassion in Care

                      The Consequences

Wed 30/03/2022 - Compensation, Rewards & Incentives In Whistleblowing

Read our new Whistleblowing Report which exposes the false narrative behind The Office For The Whistleblower, we publish startling new evidence. Also our latest helpline data on whistleblowing.

Mon 14/03/2022 - Ten Reasons We are Against Bounty Incentives

read our summery below #WhistleblowersAgainstBounty

Wed 16/02/2022 - The Introhive Case, Not Whistleblowing

Please see the Tribunal verdict in this case below.