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How do you know your upload is anonymous and secure?

When submitting information to Compassion In Care your security and anonymity are our primary concern. We have made this procedure as secure as we can and have some advice on making submissions in a way to maximise your own protection.

Your uploads are anonymous, however we do need a level of detail when making your submission.
When you upload your files, you need to enter a title so we that we can understand to what they relate. We have a recaptcha key you need to complete which tells us you are human and not a malicious bot. We then request a name. To preserve your anonymity, you can enter anything you want into this field. We do not require your actual name.

Here is the simple 4 step procedure to follow:

  1. Enter a title.
  2. Select the files you wish to upload.
  3. Complete the Captcha validation.
  4. Enter your name or type “Anonymous”.

Once the files have been uploaded, they are safely protected on our own servers where only we have access. Your data will be held on our servers for a maximum of 7 days. After which they are permanently deleted.

All files submitted to Compassion In care are encrypted. This ensures that no data is compromised and all messages are completely private. These messages will be read on a computer that has never and will never be connected to the internet. Compassion In care uses a secure encryption algorithm to further ensure that no data is compromised. We'll protect your details from prying eyes, including ours.

When making your submission we recommend the use of a public Wi-Fi network, rather than an at-home or work network. If you use your home or work network there is the possibility that the data sent can be tracked back to your identity. Similarly, we advise that when making your submission, that you use your personal devices and not work provided laptops, tablets, or mobiles.

Once your files have been added you will be taken to a confirmation page so that you know the submission was successful.