Breaking the Silence

Special reports on Whistleblowing.

See below for the true story about Mavis and the care home she was sent to. We did a special investigation as no one else asked these questions.
What we found shows Jeremy Hunts Social care policy as both a complete failure and a serious risk to the public Interest.


This report is our response to the serious case review, SCR into Hillgreen Care Home London. A copy of the SCR is attached.

The reason this SCR took place at all is due to the Times Newspaper running a front page story about CQC covering up a rape at a care home after documents were given to the Times showing who knew what and when.

This is our Response to the solicitors instructed by Morris Care, This is a very important letter as it shows why it is so important freedom of speech and freedom of the press is protected for the public interest to be served.

Read our special report into the alleged investigation into Parkview care home, a case that demonstrates widespread failings with national implications.

My response to the latest letter from the Minister of Social Care

This letter was sent to the Prime Minister in March 2017 and we were referred to the Health Department and in spite of continually sending further letters we have still not received a reply Please note that on page 2, I refer to the growing number of Whistle-blowers whose names had been given to their employers by the CQC. I finally exposed this fact month's later on BBC Victoria Derbyshire and Channel 4 News as clearly the Government were totally unconcerned. I am currently preparing an appeal to parliament which will include all the evidence ignored by Jeremy Hunt.

This is the account of a whistle-blower trying to get their concerns addressed. Whistle-blowers always want the wrong-doing stopped and for that to happen there needs to be an investigation and that is not what happens.

Our new report on the use of CCTV in care homes.

Further Letter to Kay Sheldon

Read the open letter regarding comments on twitter