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Whistle-blowers Unheard by CQC

A new report by Minh Alexander, Pam Linton,Clare Sardari and a fourth NHS Whistle-blower is published below.

I know only too well that the CQC have failed to act on the concerns of Social Care Whistle-blowers from the first, when you consider the NHS whistle-blowers data highlighted in this new report, the sheer scale of the scandal is apparent. This evidence can no longer be ignored by the Government. Countless people have suffered abuse, neglect or died needlessly as a direct result of the CQC failures. Whistle-blowers have endured bullying, intimidation and have lost their jobs as a result of bringing vital information to the CQC who then do nothing.

The CQC must go, for it is far more damaging to have a sham regulator than none at all. The misconduct of the CQC has now reached epic proportions it can not be justified or excused any longer, action should have been taken long ago.

Whistle-blowers deserve the legal protection of Ednas Law which would ensure full accountability.
Eileen Chubb


Download Or View the Report : Whistleblowers-unheard-by-CQC-FINAL.pdf