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Special reports on Whistleblowing

Relative Retribution

Special report on how a growing number of people who raise concerns about a loved ones care are being banned from care homes or threatened with eviction.

Whistle-blower B

An anonymous Whistle-blower tells his story about how whistle-blowing impacted on him.

Breaking the Silence 3

This report is dedicated to all the victims at Isard House, but especially to Edna, who had no family to speak for her, it is also dedicated to Agnus Nisbit of Pentland Hill,the last home in this report. Sadly not…

Breaking the Silence 2

On 15th July 2004 the then MP for Orpington John Horam read a petition to parliament on the failure of the Public Interest Disclosure act to protect Whistle-blowers. THE GOVERNMENTS OFFICIAL REPLY “NO COMMENT” In November 2004 every Member of…

Breaking the Silence 1

” I will never forgive myself, the client is dead and I knew it would happen, they’re saying it was an accident, just one of those things. I knew someone would get hurt and thats why I went to the…