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Special reports on Whistleblowing

The Travesty of Whistle-blower Protection

We received a response from The Department of Health, the stance that is taken is that the Freedom to Speak Review review by Robert Francis QC will protect Whistle-blowers. This assertion arrived on the very day we published our open…

Contempt for Evidence Report

An open letter to Robert Francis QC which includes internal emails recently obtained as part of a subject access request. These emails between Robert Francis, David Behan and Andrea Sutcliffe show serious misconduct.Eileen ChubbSpecial Thanks to Niels Lagefoged

Letter to Prime Minister

A copy of the letter to the Prime Minister was also handed into the CQC today, Thank you to the large number of people who attended today’s protest in support of Ednas Law and highlighting the failures of the CQC.

The Public (Interest) Enemy No 1

Our Response to The Law Commission consultation on The Official Secrets Act. This report forms part of our work on Ednas Law

Whistle-blowers Unheard by CQC

A new report by Minh Alexander, Pam Linton,Clare Sardari and a fourth NHS Whistle-blower is published below. I know only too well that the CQC have failed to act on the concerns of Social Care Whistle-blowers from the first, when…