Breaking The Silence

Special reports on Whistleblowing

Mendip House FOI Request

We did a freedom of Information request in January 2018 which we received today.
The Safeguarding Adults Review amounts to the usual self preservation. There is scant section included on whistle-blowing which shows the level of incompetence and ignorance that prevails on the issue. In short the whole report reads as an exercise in justifying and excusing all those many organisations and individuals who are again exposed as being abuse blind.
For example page 18 notes that CQC received concerns from a whistle-blower as early as November 2014, try and find this reflected in a CQC report.
One of the most telling things for me is one of the items listed on the spread sheet provided,
August 2015 CQC were informed that,
” A staff member made a person eat pizza covered in mustard followed by Yogurt with mustard in: the person was sick; the sick was put into a glass of water which they were made to drink”
I can also find no reference to this information anywhere in a CQC report. Yet all the information I need to recognise a power abuser is there ( See Beyond the Facade ) for full abuser profiles.
CQC again and again fail to act and vulnerable people continue to suffer the consequences and yet again no authority is held to account. Continually these safeguarding reports trot out the usual “lessons learnt” mantra and it is only a matter of time until it is all trotted out again.
Eileen Chubb
copyright April 2018

Download Or View the Report : 20180206_Mendip-House_SAR_FOR_PUBLICATION.pdf