Breaking The Silence

Special reports on Whistleblowing

Appeal to Parliament 2018

Read our appeal to Parliament highlighting the following issues,
That Parliaments current concerns about PIDA (Whistle-blowing Law) should take into account that the serious flaws in this law were clearly brought to the attention of Parliament by the first case to use this law.
That the injustice this situation has caused should be redressed……
That the APPG on whistle-blowing is totally compromised by paid lobbyists, a situation that raises serious questions about the rules surrounding APPGs and their misuse by paid lobbyists and raises serious…..
That the underhand way this APPG has been set up, especially when it relates to the law on serving the public interest, is the very opposite of public interest and has been hijacked by organisations that serve only their own interests….

Download Or View the Report : petition-to-parliament-amended-final.pdf