Breaking the Silence

Special reports on Whistleblowing.

Read just how long poor care can continue for once identified,

...We started in the front reception area where behind a desk sat a male member of staff reading, lunch was taking place in the dining room and I saw one member of care staff sitting at a table and two residents were being fed by their relatives. Many of those in the dining room needed a degree of assistance which was not available. I noticed many residents were seated in wheelchairs.

Read our appeal to Parliament highlighting the following issues,
That Parliaments current concerns about PIDA (Whistle-blowing Law) should take into account that the serious flaws in this law were clearly brought to the attention of Parliament by the first case to use this law.
That the injustice this situation has caused should be redressed......
That the APPG on whistle-blowing is totally compromised by paid lobbyists, a situation that raises serious questions about the rules surrounding APPGs and their misuse by paid lobbyists and raises serious.....

Read our yearly report on the work we have done

Our latest response to the Health Department highlights their dishonesty and failure to act on Misconduct.
The minister tells us in December 2017 "We assure you that your serious and longstanding concerns are receiving attention".....

The incompetence continues at CQC, I always consider the number one question when inspecting a provider should be, what I am inspecting, but not the CQC. See my comments in the below report and what we know so far about Parkview.

The attached report is the investigation into the non investigation of Sussex Healthcare, this company was named in our 2015 report " CQC An Ongoing Concern" Which is still awaiting a response from Jeremy Hunt.
The attached report holds no surprises for me as I have seen first hand what safeguarding amounts to and we have raised these issues for years whilst others continued to peddle the safeguarding myth, giving credibility to a system that has never and continues to safeguard no one but the abusers.

We did a freedom of Information request in January 2018 which we received today.
The Safeguarding Adults Review amounts to the usual self preservation. There is scant section included on whistle-blowing which shows the level of incompetence and ignorance that prevails on the issue. In short the whole report reads as an exercise in justifying and excusing all those many organisations and individuals who are again exposed as being abuse blind.