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My name is Eileen Chubb and I am founder and Director of Compassion in Care. I am a former care worker who witnessed defenceless elderly people being abused and blew the whistle. My book Beyond the Façade tells the story of my experience and bears witness for all those I saw suffer.

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Tonight's BBC News

I am responding to two items on the BBC news this evening, The first arrest in the investigation into Sussex Healthcare, This prompted a statement from Sussex Healthcare which included the words that they have " A long history of providing good care" how perverse a statement when their history was either deleted or buried by the CQC, This fact was first exposed in November 2015 in a joint investigation by Compassion in Care and Private Eye Magazine, issues 1405, 1407 and also featured in our report " CQC An On-going Concern" Which The Health Secretary was sent in 2015 and which we are still