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Mon 13/10/2014 - CQC Keeping MUM

Last week the CQC announced their new guidelines for inspecting care homes. We cannot believe that yet again Des Kelly has played a key role in producing these guidelines. I have always kept my case as a whistle-blower very seperate from the work of the charity. However there comes a time when I cannot ignore the fact that a man who placed a known abuser in care homes and covered up abuse is the CQCs choice of advisor especially when they are aware of these facts.

Wed 08/10/2014 - Campaign for Ednas Law

Please support our campaign for Ednas Law by signing our petition, which can be found at,

Wed 24/09/2014 - News Update

There are two new videos up in our video section. The film made about our campaign for Ednas Law. The trailor for the whistle-blowers interview project. There has been an amazing response to these excellent films.

Yesterday I did an interview on BBC radio Kent at 8am. 

Tue 26/08/2014 - Support us on September 10th

Please come and support our protest on September 10th ( 12 -2pm) At Parliament Sq. We will be holding a peaceful protest that will remember all victims of silence including those abused in care homes and hospitals. We are calling for Ednas Law, which would protect whistle-blowers and hold those responsible for abuse to account. Please help us to break the silence that allows all abuse to occur. Hundreds of people are coming from all over the country, both whistle-blowers and those who have lost loved ones.

Thu 07/08/2014 - Breaking The Silence Part 3

This report has been published today and can be found in our Breaking The Silence section. This report has been sent to the Government in the hope that action will be taken.

Eileen Chubb

Thu 31/07/2014 - Edna's Law

Edna had no family to speak for her, when she was abused in a care home she was totally reliant on someone speaking out to protect her. Seven Whistle-blowers did speak out and were forced out of their jobs for doing so. The regulator fully upheld the abuse alligations but the company continually denied there was anything wrong.Those responsible for the abuse were protected and promoted. Four years later information was made public that showed vulnerable people had continued to sufferer. Edna's law would ensure this never happens again.

Tue 01/07/2014 - Whistle-blowing, Appeal to Government


30th June 2014.


Evidence submitted to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

We submitted comprehensive detailed evidence from 1500 Whistle-blowers (Breaking the Silence parts 1 and 2) In addition I submitted my book “ Beyond The Façade “ the story of the Bupa 7, the first PIDA case.

The Government’s response was published last week and this document is in response to their conclusions.


The roles of the prescribed regulators.

Thu 19/06/2014 - Press Conference.

2pm on June 27th 2014 a press conference will take place at

The Free Word Conference Centre 60 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3GA

Why are Whistle-blowers still being failed?

The event will be attended by,

Dr Kim Holt, Patients First, a Senior doctor at St Anns Hospital London. Dismissed after raising concerns during the baby peter abuse scandal.

Tue 03/06/2014 - New Book Launched.

New Book Launched at The Haye-On Wye Festival.


A new book called, Here we Stand,  Editor Helena earnshaw and Angharad Penrhyn Jones, (Honno Publishing) was launched at the Haye-On-Wye Festival. The book is about 17 campaigning women including Eileen Chubb of Compassion In Care. reviews of the book say,

" A beautiful and necessary book full of passion, humour, encouragement, information and hope, This is the kind of writing that saves lives"

A.L Kennedy, Novelist.

Thu 01/05/2014 - Panorama, behind closed doors

Last nights Panorama special featured an undercover report on the Old Deanary Care home as a result of this charitys work with Whistle-blowers. We have always highlighted the suffering that results when Whistle-blowers are ignored or unable to speak out, to see that avoidable suffering captured on film really drives this home but what should not be forgotton is that this is one of hundreds of cases where abuse happened after whistle-blowers spoke out.