My name is Eileen Chubb and I am founder and Director of Compassion in Care. I am a former care worker who witnessed defenceless elderly people being abused and blew the whistle. My book Beyond the Façade tells the story of my experience and bears witness for all those I saw suffer. 

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Our Funding

What makes us effective is we are the only charity in this field that has never, and will never take money from the care industry or any Government source. We are therefore totally reliant on public donations and for this reason have no conflict of interest and will always be true champions of the elderly.  If you would like to support our work you can donate to CIC directly via either Paypal or CAF using the buttons below.

Our Work

I believe that complacency, ignorance, denial and most of all silence are why abuse happens and all our work is aimed at breaking these four links in the chain of abuse.

Petition for Ednas Law

Please sign our ongoing petition on Change.org, demanding the implementation of Edna's Law and a public inquiry into whistleblowing 

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Can We Help?

Are you a relative of someone in care or in care yourself and seeking help or advice?

Are you a whistle-blower or thinking of reporting concerns at work?
Do you need advice or someone to speak to that understands?


We are also happy to help all whistle-blowers from all sectors.

        CONTACT US - Info@compassionincare.com
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Please See this new website for whistle blowers, research and news about whistleblower cases- The Whistler

A Message from Ian Hislop

Pat Gifford Dedication

This site is dedicated to Pat Gifford whose legacy made it possible. A former midwife who brought hundreds of lives into the world. After witnessing the abuse of a loved one in a care home, Pat Gifford was so affected by this experience that she became increasingly afraid of growing older and needing care herself that she took her own life. There is no greater indictment of this countries care system.